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Digital Connected Solutions.

We specialise in understanding your audience, how they think, what will convert them and measuring the results. Specialists in digital content workflow solutions, we have a proven track record in solving complex digital challenges with our web solutions. And we love doing it. Serving clients across the UK since 2009.

Strategy Driven. Goal Oriented

Strategy unites our entire team. Drawing on decades of marketing experience, our ‘digital first’ strategic approach helps to grow your brand and revenue. Our strategy is data driven and matched to your goals. Learn more about our digital marketing and asset services.

Your Print Design Pros

Katahdin have a wealth of print experience. Although we focus on digital, we can design logos or other company identity and branding assets. You can be assured of consistency across all media as well as knowledge of the latest design trends for positioning your business.

Tactical Focus

We execute tactically. This means meeting briefs, hitting deadlines, and always keeping you in the loop. We take strategy as a foundation and build on it, ensuring we focus on your market, keeping you in tune with your audience and ahead of your competitors.

Bringing innovative digital marketing to your audience.

Ideas are everything.

We believe in smart ideas that generate results. Bringing together strategy, technology, and design we create experiences that transform brands and grow businesses.

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Email: info at symbol katahdin dot co dot uk


Ideas for a connected UK that people become a part of, spend time with, share, and revisit. Ideas that turn consumers into audiences, and audiences into fans.